Get in touch

You can contact your councillors for advice on issues such as housing, bin collections, school places, concerns about crime or anti-social behaviour, social care for you or someone you care for, local services, personal finances, council tax, streets, licensing, planning and many other local issues.

You can also contact us with your ideas for improving the local area, to ask for support for causes you care about or to get us involved in a project or community group you’re part of. We are always very happy to hear from residents, and will endeavour to help with your query or concern.

Contact your councillors here.

You may also wish to contact your MP, Helen Hayes. Helen and her team can also help with the issues above, and also on more national policy issues and areas like immigration where as local councillors we have little influence.

Contact your MP here.

There are many other places you can go to for advice too – some issues require more specialist advice than your councillors or MP can offer. We cannot give medical advice or legal representation, for example. We’ve put together a list of some useful sources of advice.

Find other advice here.