Gyratory / West Norwood TfL consultation launch

The first community consultation of the major works involving Norwood Road and the Tulse Hill gyratory will be at the James Wilson coffee shop – 357 Norwood Road, on Tuesday 14th April from 6.30pm

Come along and have your input about improving Norwood Road which has been allocated £2m funding over the next two years by Transport for London. Funding for developing ideas for removing the gyratory has also been approved by Transport for London, and so we hope there will be lots of interest. 

How can this area be improved to benefit you? We have a fantastic opportunity to really influence how our local communty will look and feel, so please come along and have your say! 

Tulse Hill gyratory – get involved!

Last year we petitioned the Mayor to invest in Tulse Hill as we felt the gyratory was dangerous, noisy and unpleasant. We were delighted when Transport for London agreed to spend £5m improving the junction and roads.

We have worked with officers at Lambeth to identify ways for local people to be involved in deciding how the gyratory should change. We will be working with residents over the next few months to put together plans which we will then put to Transport for London to model. Once they have turned our ideas into something workable, there will be further consulation, and we hope that construction will begin within the next couple of years.

We should also get funding to improve the rest of Norwood Road from the corner by Tesco, where pavements have just been completed, to Tulse Hill. We’d love to know your priorities for improvements along here too – from pavements to markets.

If you would like to have your say, we are looking for local people, groups and businesses to get involved! Please send us an email or get in touch with your ideas!

£5million for improving the Tulse Hill gyratory

We want to ensure that Tulse Hill is a safe, pleasant place to live, work and cycle. Currently, the busy traffic on the gyratory makes it unsafe and there have been a number of accidents. Your Labour Action Team have been campaigning for the improvement of the junction since 2010.

In October, Val Shawcross AM presented a petition, collected by Thurlow Park ward Cllr Ann Kingsbury and local campaigners; calling for TfL to give Tulse Hill gyratory urgent priority for road safety measures, following a long standing issue with collisions and accidents.

Many of you signed that petition last summer and we are delighted that TfL have listened to us and announced a £5 million investment to redesign the junction as part of the London-wide junction improvement programme.

A response to the petition from the Mayor of London has now been received and you can read this here. Val said ‘I’m delighted to see that TfL have allocated £5million of funding for improvements in the Tulse Hill area’

Improvements include –

1. Removing the current one-way gyratory
2. A new road system which prioritises the needs of pedestrians and cyclists
3. Intermediate measurers to improve safety until major measures can be implemented

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition and joined the campaign. This investment will greatly improve the lives of residents living close to and working around the gyratory.

Trouble on the Tulse Hill Gyratory

Safety surrounding the Tulse Hill one-way system has been a concern to many resident in Thurlow Park ward and the Norwood community as a whole. The Labour Action Team, Anna, Fred and Max, and Cllr Ann Kingsbury have been working with members of the Tulse Hill Forum and Assembly Member Val Shawcross to press for changes. Safety concerns have become very severe recently; a car spun off the road in Hardel Rise and demolished the front of one of the houses, the fourth incident of its kind.

In response to a question from Val, TfL agreed to look at the junction to see what could be improved and were due to report later this year but this incident has convinced them that they need to look urgently at safety. It now seems that TfL would be willing to look at redesign of the junction and Lambeth will start talks with them to consider this. In the short term, Lambeth are looking to put in measures to protect residents of Hardel Rise.

Your Labour Action Team will be campaigning for the junction to be improved very soon; look out for our petition calling on the Mayor to take action. If you have concerns about the junction, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Ann at if you want to know more.