Rosendale Playing Fields – new steering group established

As part of the Lambeth Parks Capital Investment Plan, Rosendale Playing Fields has been provided with the opportunity to consider installing a new perimeter fence around the whole site. 

The planning, procurement and installation is being handled by Lambeth Council, who lease the land from Dulwich Estates, who will be aiming to circulate further information to local residents outlining more details in the autumn.

Cllr Max Deckers Dowber will be sitting on the steering group committee that will look to oversee any possible future developments and hopes to help the process that aims to deal with the ongoing maintenance and security issues on the field.

Following up previous conversations we have recently been talking with local residents once more about the future of the Rosendale Playing Fields. We are committed to making sure the space is improved, well maintained and available to all the community to use, as they are an asset for our local neighbourhood.

The community, led by Rosendale School, have been very proactive in putting forward sugestions regarding the management of the park and an investment plan to bring it up to scratch. 

We’ve met with the Cabinet Member responsible for parks, Cllr Edbrooke, and the Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr McGlone, to discuss how to speed up these suggestions. We were pleased that they are as committed as we are to ensuring this asset remains a public space for all of the community to enjoy.