Work starting soon to improve Norwood high street

A large part of the Mayor’s Outer London Fund money, which Lambeth bid for recently, will be used to improve the Norwood Road and the area around St Luke’s Church with the first phase of the works due to start this September. Norwood High Street and Knight’s Hill will be the first roads in line for improvement with new paving and widened pavements up as far as the railway line.

From January 2014, the improvement works will be extended to north of Chestnut Road. The remodelling of the dangerous junction at Robson Road and Norwood Road will be done after the other works and will complete this phase of improvements. The junction works are scheduled to start in February 2014. The following financial year Highways propose to extend these improvement works along the Norwood Road as far as Tulse Hill Station and to eventually include the Tulse Hill one way system as part of the overall scheme.

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