Double glazing for the Peabody Cottages

Following the planning application for double glazing being turned down, Anna and Max organised a walkabout on the Peabody Estate with local residents and planning officers from the council to better understand the next steps.

We think it is really important for all residents to have warm, dry, energy efficient homes which is why this is an issue we intend to prioritise. Many cottages on the Peabody Estate are draughty and damp and new windows would go a long way to improving the lives of residents and reducing their energy bills.

Planning officers were very helpful in explaining why the application was refused. As the estate is in a conservation area, there are strict rules regarding how any development must look. The proposal submitted by Peabody had wide window frames which were not acceptable in conservation terms – this doesn’t mean that double glazing isn’t acceptable, just that any future proposal must pay more attention to meeting conservation criteria. The planning officers explained the kind of application which would be acceptable.

Anna and Max also agreed with residents that more needed to be done to maintain the buildings. A number had broken and leaking guttering, flaking paintwork and other repairs which Peabody need to carry out urgently.

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