The Open Works: Re-imagining how we live our everyday life

The aim of the Cooperative Council is to forge a new relationship with citizens, placing local residents at the heart of all its work to make Lambeth a good place to live.

The Open Works is an experimental project aiming to transform how residents live their every day life. They involve citizens and professionals from across the council and partners, working with the local community.

The first stage of The Open Works began in February 2014. Some of the projects include; a community borrowing shop where local people can lend and borrow things they need; a Trade School where anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. They can even pay for class with a barter item (like food, supplies, or advice), and there is a project where people come together to batch cook meals and take home potions for the week.

These are all excellent projects. If you have a project idea please see –

For further information or contact entails of those at The Open Works please see –

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