Waste collection over the festive break

Below is some information regarding waste collection during the festive break that may interest you.

Waste Collection: Collection day on the weeks beginning 22 December and 29 December 2014:

Normal collection day Revised collection day
Monday Monday (no change)
Tuesday Tuesday (no change)
Wednesday Wednesday (no change)
Thursday Friday
Friday Saturday

Collection days will return to normal on the week beginning 5 January 2015

We all tend to have extra waste over Christmas but remember there’s no limit to the amount of recycling and food waste you can put out for collection.

You can use your clear sacks or shared recycling bins to recycle your wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, glass bottles and jars, tins and cans, food and drink cartons and plastic bottles, pots tubs and trays.

If you have large cardboard boxes, please fold and place them next to your clear sack or shared bin. Please rinse your recycling, especially food packaging. Squashing it will help you to fit it all in! If you have a food waste collection, you can use this to recycle all of your vegetable peelings and any leftovers including bones.

Remember to lock your bin by placing the handle fully into the forward or back position. This will prevent any spillages should the bin be knocked over

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