Parking tickets on Devane Way

Our new Centre in Devane Way SE27 0DF is designed for walking access only. Following a consultation period there is now no parking on Devane Way. There are a few bays for cars with a disabled parking badge at the West Norwood Health & Leisure Centre and space for a maximum of two or three cars to park for up to 10 minutes to drop off any passenger unable to walk to the Centre from Knights Hill. Medical staff also have their own car park.

For everyone else, including commuters going to West Norwood station, there is no parking. Signs went up last weekend and Parking staff will be speaking to drivers. No tickets will be issued for a couple of weeks to give time for drivers to become aware of the no parking rules.

Pedestrians have priority on Devane Way. All vehicles must be driven very slowly at all times on Devane Way letting people go first. Unfortunately as speedometers are not very accurate under 20mph it is not legally possible to enforce a speed limit under 20mph!

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