Our calendar

Take a look at what we get up to here https://thurlowparklabour.org/Calendar

So that you know when we are visiting your street, estate or residents’ association, we have decided to make our calendars public. We want to be as open as possible so that you can be confident we are spending our time on the right issues and being active in our community every week.

Of course, we all work full time and have other commitments, so blank space in our calendar doesn’t necessarily mean we are free! If you would like to organise a meeting, please just email one of us and we will be happy to find a mutually convenient time – abirley@lambeth.gov.uk, mdeckersdowber@lambeth.gov.uk or fcowell@lambeth.gov.uk

We won’t put one-to-one meetings or visits to residents to help with casework on our public calendar for privacy reasons.

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