Norwood Road/Tulse Hill Gyratory TFL Project

Last summer, we helped to secure £5million to improve the Tulse Hill gyratory over the next five years as part of the Mayor of London’s gyratory improvement programme, and a further £2million to improve Norwood Road.

We have been working with Lambeth officers and Transport for London to make sure the community takes the steering wheel for this – we hope that you and your neighbours will be part of the project. Even if you’ve not been involved in something like this before, there are lots of opportunities to contribute, lead and get training whatever your experience.

We’re kicking things off this Tuesday with a Supper Club at the James Wilson Coffee Shop in Tulse Hill, hosted by the Norwood and Tulse Hill Forums – please join us, and bring a dish if you can. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the project and how you can get involved, or just enjoy the food and meet your neighbours.

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