Secure cycling parking ‘hanger’ update

We recently received an update regarding the ongoing work into the possibility of secure cycling hangers I n the borough. As part of the engagement with residents four simple questions were used to identify the feeling and demand for cycle parking. 

Out of 995 responses 97% were in favour of cycle parking on the street.

Out of 948 responses 68% were in favour of cycling hangers outside their home.

Out of 938 responses 59% said they wanted a space.

Out of 910 response 49% said they rented a bike rather than owned one.

The engagement saw 55 street surveys conducted in March 2015, and 38 streets have viable locations we will suggest to the streets. Those streets in Thurlow Park ward are; Berwyn rd, Deerbrooke rd, Deronda rd, and Romola rd. 

If you’d like more information about this consultation as it continues please use the below link –

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