Parking stress study – update

Below is an update from Cabinet lead Cllr Jennifer Braithwaite – 

Our current parking options need addressing. This is in terms of CPZs and in terms of our database of parking options. We have received countless representations over the years from residents, businesses and councillors from all over the borough.

In order to properly implement CPZs, we need to understand and evaluate parking stress across the whole borough and to understand the likely impact of any new CPZs in non-CPZ areas.

I am now doing something about this difficult situation. We have been allocated £600,000 from the council’s capital reserve “to carry out a study of controls and operations in existing CPZs and to carry out a parking survey in the rest of the borough” – this is not money to be used to implement CPZs.

– We will look at all current CPZs to make sure they are legally sound and working properly
– We will record this information to enable the production of a digitised map of all CPZ parking controls in the borough
– We will look at parking stress in all other parts of the borough to complete a full database of parking information

The study will take 12 months, starting in September and reporting in October 2016. The information collected will then be used to prioritise and properly plan any future CPZ consultation.

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