A hundred fly-tippers have been hit with fines in a single month, as Lambeth steps up its assault on illegal dumping.

Lambeth residents are infuriated by fly tipping– bulky objects like old furniture and excess rubbish bags dumped in their streets – and are helping catch those responsible by providing information and evidence through Lambeth’s online reporting system – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/forms/report-dumped-rubbish-form?utm_source=Sign-Up.to&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=17118-299932-theBALANCE+Issue+12%3A+October+2015

Lambeth recently launched a Not on our streets campaign, warning residents that anti-social behaviour such as fly tipping is completely unacceptable in Lambeth and would be met with instant fines.

But the message that illegal dumping is totally unacceptable has been backed up by a new team of enforcement officers who began work at the start of September. They are tasked specifically with investigating residential fly tips in the borough and fining those responsible. By October 3, the enforcement officers had gathered evidence to hand out 103 Fixed Penalty Notices of £80 (reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days).

Cabinet member for Environment & Sustainability, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, said: “These people are dumping rubbish where they shouldn’t be – ruining our environment and infuriating residents. We will simply not tolerate their behaviour.

“A bulky waste collection service is available from the council. Residents should not simply leave old furniture out on the street; that is fly tipping and they will be fined.”

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