Stop the Tory Housing Bill

Lambeth Labour is passionate about fighting for better, more affordable housing for local people in our community—but a new Tory housing bill is threatening to slash the number of affordable homes being built and hit some residents with a new tax if they want stay in work and live in their home.

The government’s Housing & Planning Bill will:

Let private developers off the hook when it comes to building genuinely affordable homes for local people as part of new developments in the borough.
Hit working council and housing association tenants with a new tax if they want to stay in employment and in their home: increasing rents for some by £15,000.
Introduce a new law that will force the council to sell some of its council homes on the open market and cut the security offered to council tenants through long term leases. Do nothing to tackle London’s housing crisis that has seen house prices and rents rocket across the borough under the Tory Mayor.

This is why we are asking you to sign our petition calling for a halt to this Bill by adding your name to this link –

You can read more about the Bill and what Lambeth is doing to tackle the housing crisis on our blog here –

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