16/00614/FUL – Installation of a roof top telecommunications base station and ancillary development

Residents on Trinity Rise, working in collaboration with your local cllrs, have successfully objected to the installation of a mobile phone mast on their street. 

Their opposition was based on a number of factors including possible health risks, the negative impact upon the areas conservation status and that the proposal would negatively impact on the skyline view from the park as it would change very much for the worse. 

Residents were also frustrated as it appeared that Metropolitan were intending going back on an agreement made in 2007 which said they would not install such a mast in Trinity – something which they have now given further assurances over and commitment to. 

One resident said that this issue “demonstrates very well how having the collective power of our association has helped us to win this campaign”. Something that we as local cllrs could not agree with more. 

16/00614/FUL – Installation of a roof top telecommunications base station and ancillary development

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