Help us make our air cleaner

London is suffering from a clean air crisis: 10,000 people lose their lives prematurely every year and Lambeth’s inner city location means that we need urgent action to make our borough’s air cleaner and safer.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is currently consulting on plans to improve London’s air. Lambeth Council and Lambeth for a Cool Planet have launched a campaign to support the Mayor’s efforts to take strong action to address London’s appalling air quality and make sure that big improvements are made in Lambeth.

We are asking for –

Make the A23 one of the first Clean Bus Corridors. The A23 corridor linking Streatham and Brixton, which has recorded higher levels of air pollution, including NO2, than Oxford Street, should be in the first tranche of Clean Bus Corridors. Clean buses should be introduced to the London bus fleet as a matter or urgency. Buses on London’s roads should use either retrofitted or new, cleaner engines by 2020.

Extend the Ultra-Low Emission Zone to reduce the impact of toxic exhaust fumes. Implementation of the ULEZ should be brought forward to September 2019.

Invest in green infrastructure. The Mayor should roll out the bike hire scheme to Brixton, Streatham and Norwood, help plant hundreds of new trees and invest in freight consolidation centres to slash the number of journeys made by the most polluting vehicles.

Lobby the Government to take clean air seriously. Press the Government to take forward a diesel scrappage scheme at the earliest opportunity, lobby for the devolution of vehicle excise duty to encourage buying of less polluting cars, as well as the reinstatement of the Air Quality Grant.

You can sign our petition here –

Please add your name and include in your comments anything you would like us to include in our response to Sadiq.

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