Lambeth launches two new air quality projects

1.       Engine Idling Action Days –

City of London has received widespread praise for its anti-idling campaign. As part of the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund, this project is now being rolled out to 11 other boroughs, including Lambeth. Citizens and councillors are being asked to volunteer two hours a month to go out in pairs to selected air quality hot spots and talk to drivers and pedestrians about unnecessary engine idling and its impact on air quality. 

Citizens and councillors can register interest here or email Paula who has been appointed to carry out this project on behalf of Lambeth. The project will be launched on 17 October in Windrush Square between 12 and 2pm and the dates for action days for the rest of the year will be decided with volunteers, when we know who is interested in working with us. A workshop will also be organised for anyone interested in volunteering.

To register for 17th October launch:

2.    Love Lambeth Air –

Measure air quality outside your home or office. Lambeth council, in partnership with Mapping for Change, is providing diffusion tubes to residents and businesses to measure nitrogen dioxide outside their home or office. There will also be workshops for citizens to explain how diffusion tubes work and to discuss ways to help improve air quality and reduce personal exposure to air pollution. To register your interest please email Louise at by 14 October 2016.

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