Ahead of Full Council tomorrow evening here is Cllr Fred Cowell’s exchange during the last Council meeting in October 2016 where he asked the Leader of the Council what plan there was locally to handle the impact of Brexit within Lambeth. 

Cllr Cowell went on to say that central government seems to have little by way of a plan to help local authorities with the impact of Brexit. The LGA has alerted the government to the £5.3 billion that has been allocated through the European Social fund across the UK, including £750 000 here in Lambeth all which is being spent promoting social inclusion and providing employment support for those furthest fro the job market, all of which is set to disappear.  

In closing Cllr Cowell gave the example that in Thurlow Park, much like across the rest of the borough, 4 out of 5 residents voted to Remain in the EU and given that it is not clear why the most vulnerable of Lambeth should suffer post Brexit. 

In response the Leader of Lambeth Council, Cllr Lib Peck, said that she was working with other council leaders to devise a lobby strategy to ensure that communities such as Lambeth don’t suffer when Britain leaves the EU.

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