Free West Norwood Film Festival

Saturday 25 March and ‘Back to the Future’ saw the launch of the free West Norwood Film Festival. Over this week cult classics, art house favourites and new releases in a mix of venues across the neighbourhood will be screenings completely free. 

The festival will also feature a 48-hour film competition where filmmakers, both aspiring and established, will be invited to create a short film inspired by the local area. The shortlisted films will be screened in a gala on the closing night of the festival and judged by a panel including experts from the BFI.

For further details look at the website –

Mon 27 March – 8.00pm – The Goonies at Knowles of Norwood

Tue 28 March – 7.45pm – Memento at the Clockworks

Wed 29 March – 8.00pm – Babette’s Feast at tyhe Otter Cafe

Thur 30 March – 7.30pm – Paterson at Volcano Coffee House (plus poetry from Poetry Slabs)

Fri 31 March – 8.00pm – Northern Soul – The Book and Record Bar (plus DJ set)

Sat 1 April – 1.00pm – Popular Film Vote – Library of Things

Sat 1 April – 7.30pm – 48 Hour Film Competition Finals –  thePortico Gallery

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