Lambeth Council in partnership with the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery (FoWNC) has been successful in obtaining a Round One grant under the HLF Parks for People programme. 

The grant of £241,000 represents 52% of the development costs of a Round Two bid of £4,804,800 towards the total project cost of £7,165,333. 

The bid envisages capital investment in drainage, footpath, and roadway improvements, boundary wall, railings, and entrance gate repair/maintenance, landscape restoration, signage and furniture improvements, and works to monuments, perhaps including some of those in the Greek Cemetery.

In addition, the possibilities of building a visitor centre and of a second, pedestrian entrance to the cemetery at eastern end of Robson Road will be evaluated.

 The bid will also explore new ways of interpreting the history of the cemetery and also includes provision for training for staff and volunteers, and for apprentices in horticulture and in stone/monument repair/conservation. All-in-all then a comprehensive programme of works is envisaged that, together with an agreed way forward on monument restoration and grave re-use should ensure the future of the cemetery for years to come.

Project manager, Joahanne Flaherty has been appointed. Along with another officer Joahanne spoke to many local residents at the recent June 2017 WN FEAST about the project and its possibilities. 

In addition, Harrison Associates have been appointed as Consultants to the project.

Cllr Max Deckers Dowber is on the Project Steering Group along with members of the Scheme of Management Committee, the FoWNC, the local community and the Cabinet lead, Cllr Sonia Winifred. 

If you have any questions please visit –

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