Rosendale Playing Fields update

We undertook resident engagement work in December 2016 ahead of a proposed planning application regarding a new fence around the playing fields. During our conversations with local residents, including a drop in session, it became clear that there were some questions that still needed answering before such a planning proposal could go to public consultation.

With that in mind, Lambeth officers spent time working with the Dulwich Estate to develop a possible plan for the site going forward.

We can now inform residents that the proposed planning application for a fence around the playing field will go ahead, and it should go to planning before the end of the year. It has been agreed that there will be fencing on three sides of the playing fields (i.e. excluding the rear gardens side that backs onto Dalkeith Road). Dulwich Estate have agreed to the fencing on three sides, and the site will therefore be deemed to be secure.

Lambeth officers will now proceed with the specification and plans for the planning application. Once we know more about the forthcoming timeline etc we’ll post a further update.

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