SunFall Music Event – Brockwell Park

Please find the below Community Notice regarding the forthcoming Sun Fall music event on Saturday 12 August in Brockwell Park. If you have any questions /comments please get in contact. 

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Noise Management

Based on the feedback from 2016, and the public consultation conducted as part of the Premises Licence application process for 2017 we are making the following changes amongst others:

• A single audio company will be responsible for the supply and operation of audio systems across the site.
• All audio systems will be of Martin Audio MLA type, which is more controllable and precise technology to minimise offsite noise.
• The number of noise monitoring consultants is being doubled so that levels can be better calibrated between onsite and offsite monitoring locations.
• Noise barrier walls shall be erected at strategic points alongside the northern side of the site.

Waste Management

Sunfall Festival is committed to keeping its environmental impact to a minimum and this is reflected in the site recycling measures we have put in place under the management of a contractor with a proven track record having served the Lambeth Country Show in recent years.

Furthermore, Sunfall Festival will implement a carefully thought-through waste management plan which incorporates the regular sweep of the surrounding areas of the park and residential areas which may be affected by associated footfall.  

The nominated main waste contractor shall control the elimination of all waste within the site footprint and immediate surrounding area.

In addition, Veolia have been engaged to conduct sweeps and a final clearance in the immediate surrounding streets to the north of the park as per the briefing note previously circulated.

Waste management operations will continue over Sunday 13th August 2017, Monday 14th August 2017 and Tuesday 15th August 2017.

Security and Policing

Crowd safety and the safety of the public is very important to us.  We have brought in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to provide additional support to our nominated crowd management and security provider within the site to coordinate a carefully planned strategy of crowd supervision aimed at ensuring the safety of attendees as well as minimising the risk of disturbances across the local area.  

Over 100 PSIA licensed security personnel in addition to crowd safety stewards will be on duty at the event – working both within and outside our fenced perimeter.

We will be assisting the MPS in the strategy of discreet searches for banned substances and monitoring of nuisance behaviour as well as maintaining vigilance towards any potential terror-related behaviour.

We have provisioned 7 MPS personnel to patrol the internal site footprint for the duration of the live event and MPS have assigned 12 personnel to patrol the external area and conduct discreet searches.

Sunfall will assign dedicated security personnel to control vehicle access at the main Herne Hill entrance during the construction period and at Brockwell Park Gardens vehicle gate for artist access during the live period.

Community Safety

This year we are contracting the provision of 4 x LBL Community Safety Officers, to work exclusively outside of our event footprint but to help minimise the impact of the festival on the surrounding streets.  

These officers shall be on duty from 1100hrs-2300hrs so that they are present for the ingress and egress of festival attendees.

Contacting Sunfall

​Email /web enquiries: /
​Telephone: 07749 948670

Name: Laura Armstrong

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