Time to get organising for this summer’s street parties!

We love street parties – not only are they great fun, they’re also a lovely way to meet your neighbours, create a strong community and reclaim your road from traffic for the day. 

We encourage our residents’ associations to organise one if they can, and over the last four years have provided many streets with the support they need to organise (and a cake for the event!).

If you’re planning one this summer, it’s time to start organising. While it remains free to close your street for the day, you have to hit the deadlines to get your permission in time:

If you haven’t organised a street party before, or you would value a refresher on how it’s done, Lambeth have put together a handy guide here: http://www.eventlambeth.co.uk/streetparties/

Please do invite us to come along to your street party – we would love to meet you and your neighbours and will happily join in with whatever you have planned, from Bake Off to egg & spoon race!

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