Remembering Tessa Jowell – our thanks and love

We are so sad that our former MP Tessa Jowell has passed away. She did so much for the local area and our local residents still remember her often and fondly. She was well liked, hard working and personally behind the building of some of the amazing schools and sure start centres in the constituency.

Our corner of Dulwich and West Norwood was just a tiny part of her incredible work as an MP – at a national level she will be remembered for Sure Start, equalities legislation, creating a regulator for the media, and getting the 2012 Olympics and much, much more. Her work on achieving “better, longer lives for people with cancer” by securing investment and innovation, since her diagnosis, has been inspiring and moving. Tessa was a force of nature and the announcement since the announcement of her death that research funding will be doubled and testing improved is testament to that.

Tessa was a huge inspiration to us, in encouraging us to stand in 2014, helping us campaign, showing us the ropes, and by being such a great political role model. She was always warm, full of advice, kindness, compassion and humour. On a personal level, Tessa was a friend, ready with a hug or wise word to encourage us. We’ll miss her hugely.

There will be a book of condolences for anyone wishing to share their memories and best wishes at Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton. Our thoughts and love are with her family.

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