Light checks on estates in Thurlow Park – keeping the ward safe in the winter

As the clocks change and the nights get longer, we are keen to ensure residents feel safe going to and from their homes. We have done a walkabout of every estate in our ward and spoken with residents about any faulty streetlights and dark corners.

As a result, officers are visiting each estate to audit which lights are not working and have begun the process of raising work orders for repairs to the contractors have so far been raised for streetlights needing fixing on Rosendale Gardens Estate, Lairdale and Guernsey Grove. 

We anticipate that the works will be completedfairly soon – on or before Friday 23 November 2018, and officers will carry out a post inspection shortly after completion.

If there is a lamppost you are concerned about, or a dark corner where you feel unsafe, please get in touch.

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