Thank you for helping refugees in Calais

Last weekend Councillor Anna Birley was volunteering in Calais with a group of Thurlow Park residents, other Labour & Co-operative councillors, volunteers from Emmaus and Helen Hayes MP – helping out at the Help Refugees warehouse.

Thank you so much for helping us with generous donations – we couldn’t do these trips without your help. This time we were able to take three packed full cars, and still have a carload to take in a few days time. 

The situation for refugees in Calais is getting tougher and tougher – as well as dropping temperatures, police are regularly evicting them from where they are sheltering, sometimes forcing them to leave their meagre belongings behind and leaving them without warm or waterproof clothes or tents. Your donations, from sleeping bags to warm shoes, have made a huge difference.

If you would like to get involved next time we are organising a collection or volunteering, please do get in touch with Anna on 

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