Our meeting with deputy mayor for environment on the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

We recently met with Helen Hayes MP and Shirley Rodrigues, London’s deputy mayor for the environment, to discuss the ULEZ.

The ULEZ will replace the T-Charge from 8 April this year. The daily charge runs from midnight to midnight, 7 days a week, every day of the year, within the same area as the current Congestion Charging Zone. In 2021, the zone will expand to include all roads up to but not including the North and South Circular roads.

While we’re pleased that half of the ward will benefit from the improvements to air quality that the ULEZ is intended to create, but we’re concerned that the South Circular – one of the most polluting and congested roads in the area – will be excluded, especially given the proximity of Elmgreen and Rosemead schools. We’re also concerned that polluting vehicles will be displaced to the south of the ward, and that parking stress in the streets near the boundary will worsen.

We asked Shirley to develop a clear communication plan for residents who will need to change their vehicles, as well as committing to monitoring impact on volume, speed and emissions of vehicles on the South Circular and providing funding to councils to put in place schemes to mitigate impacts on areas outside the zone. We also asked for clarity on vehicles adapted for accessibility.

For more information on the ULEZ take a look on TfL’s website where they have a handy car checker.

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