Have you spotted the new poem adorning West Norwood yet?

Thanks to the amazing people behind PoetrySlabs, London’s first catalytic poem is up at the Bzz Garage. “A Rare Bee” by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy has been put up on the bus garage wall (corner of Ernest Avenue/Knight’s Hill SE27).

Coated in magical nano-titania spray, the poetic banner silently converts noxious exhaust fumes into water that gently waters the bee friendly garden below. An innovative solution to London’s air quality crisis!

Poetry in West Norwood

There’s a great new project in West Norwood kicking off called Poetry Slabs, who aim to create and install poetry throughout West Norwood. They want to work with local projects, community groups, businesses and artists to celebrate poetry and the local neighbourhood. 

Their first collaboration is in the pipeline, with an exciting new project with the Urban Bzz Garage, and we hope to see many more. Also watch out for a poetry-themed FEAST in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, keep checking poetryslabs.org for news!

^ proposed installation at the Bzz Garage