Lambeth Council has recently sent a Household Enquiry Form to every household in Lambeth in order to check the right people are registered to vote.  This is part of the national annual canvass undertaken by the Electoral Commission. 

As a resident you would need to sign and send the form back to confirm all is correct or to update the details if changes are necessary. 

If you have any questions please contact Lambeth Electoral Services by email or phone: 020 7926 2254.

Lambeth – Electoral register update

Lambeth’s Electoral Services has started the process of updating the electoral register for 2017/18, during which every residential property in the borough will be contacted. Household Enquiry Forms have been sent to around 142,000 residential addresses in the borough. 

The quickest and easiest way to respond is online at  Residents will need to enter both parts of their security code to confirm existing details or add/delete names.  If current details are correct, a response can also be completed by telephone or SMS by following the instructions on the form.  Using the automated response options is the most convenient way of responding for the majority of residents and reduces the cost of the canvass to council.  However, residents can also complete and return paper forms using the pre-paid envelope provided if preferred.

Reminder HEFs will be sent to all non-responding properties on 28 September and canvassers will be making personal visits to non-responding properties and individuals from 12 October.  Lambeth currently has the second highest electorate in inner London, with almost 240,000 voters.  Initial forms should start to arrive this weekend and the beginning of next week.