Brockwell Park is a major part of Thurlow Park residents’ community life and hosts numerous events each year, including the Lambeth Country Show. 

The number of events held in Brockwell Park is increasing; in part because it is such a wonderful location that performers, film crews and musicians are keen to use, and because such activities allow Lambeth to maintain the park to a high standard as events help to provide a source of income to Lambeth. With this in mind, it is necessary that we make sure that the income generated helps to fund vital services for residents and future investments. 

As your local councillors we have been working carefully with the Brockwell Park Community partners, including Ann Kingsbury (pictured above), and other local stakeholders to ensure that disruption in the park is kept to absolute minimum. Generating income for the park must be balanced ensuring that the community is not overly burdened with events on their doorstep. 

In advance of the Found Festival for example this June we have asked for detailed information to be made available to residents about the event and a contact number to be available to report any complaints. We will also be working closely with Event Lambeth to ensure clean-up after the event is properly carried out and that disruption is kept to a minimum. 

In the longer term we are working to ensure that the park properly reaps the benefits of such, and all events, so that there can be proper investment in Brockwell as a space for all the community to enjoy. If there is ever anything to do with the park that you want to raise please get in touch with us

Possible Brockwell Park dance event

The council is seeking your engagement to consider whether to approve a future dance event in Brockwell Park.

FOUND FESTIVAL wish to hold a one day ticketed electronic dance music event aimed at 18 – 50 year olds (strictly 18+). There would be six structures with music including a main stage. Marquees for food and drink, lost property, information etc. will also be present.

They propose to use Brockwell Lido and Herne Hill entrance gates leading into Brockwell Park. The event will be fenced off (outer steel shield and inner heras) with multiple, manned gates.

They have successfully delivered this event in Finsbury Park (September 2014, with a smaller version is Haggerston Park (June 2014 and 2013

Please let us know your thoughts by 27 Janaury 2015 and we’ll pass on your comments.