Flood risk reduction around Ardlui Road

A few years ago Lambeth held an extensive consultation to design a rain garden scheme to reduce flood risk around Ardlui Road. Following this engagement, a design was agreed, but unfortunately there was a delay in implementation. Lambeth is now ready to build this scheme and will be doing so in the coming months.

The changes form part of Lambeth’s flood risk reduction strategy, particularly relevant in this part of the ward because the River Effra runs underneath the streets and houses here. As the area has become more tarmac-ed and built up, rainwater runs off much more quickly down drains and into the Effra, which is now a mains sewer. If a large volume of water flows into the Effra all at once, there is a risk that it will overflow into streets, homes, gardens and basements. The proposed greening would slow run off into drains, because of more permeable surfaces, more plants to intercept rain and new sustainable urban drainage systems.

There were some concerns about the design of the scheme, and some residents were not part of the workshops a few years ago, so we will be organising a public meeting to discuss the plans with officers.

Some residents have suggested they would like some street greening on their streets too. We have looked at securing some additional budget to do this and officers are happy to discuss your ideas for Hexham Road, Tulsemere Road, Towton Road, Chatsworth Way, Lavengro Road, and Chancellor Grove. We will ask for feedback at the public meeting, once the date has been finalised, and you are welcome to email us with your thoughts too.

Play streets!

Thurlow Park welcomes the arrival of South London’s first Playstreets, the result of successful campaigning by local residents and an intelligent response from the Cooperative Council!

This summer has seen Hexham Road have access to traffic restricted on Saturdays between 2:00 – 5:00pm and Guernsey Grove, at the other end of the ward, on Fridays between 3:30 – 6:30pm until next May. This is to allow children to play out and socialise in the street without concerns about traffic, an important initiative for the health and wellbeing of our younger residents.