West Norwood and Tulse Hill: A Manual for Delivery

West Norwood and Tulse Hill are undergoing a programme of change ranging from street and park improvements to research and development around key business and industrial areas. Over recent years and across the next few years the area will have benefitted from a total of around 30 million pounds worth of capital investment. It is an exciting period for the communities in this area, who have a real opportunity to get involved and support positive change.

Lambeth Council have committed to a cooperative approach to project planning and project delivery within neighbourhoods undergoing regeneration therefore consultation is key to their success. Within the locality a number of communities and forums are building neighbourhoods plans. 

The Visioning West Norwood and Tulse Hill programme has seen a process of information gathering and masterplanning being developed for the local area over the last year. This programme has outlined the vision for the area, identified local community priorities and highlighted opportunities for development and investment in the area. 

The Visioning West Norwood and Tulse Hill programme consists of four strands:

An Economic Vision for the area
A Refresh of the 2009 Masterplan
A Health Check for the Key Industrial Business Area (KIBA)
The production of a Co-operative Local Investment Plan (CLIP)

For more information and access to the complete report please visit – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/sites/default/files/West%20Norwood%20and%20Tulse%20Hill%20A%20Manual%20for%20Delivery.pdf

The link to he Lambeth site is here – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/housing-and-regeneration/regeneration/regeneration-activity-in-lambeth

West Norwood Masterplan update

The West Norwood Masterplan refresh is in the final stage of consultation. Work on the masterplan began over a year ago and it’s purpose was to refresh the 2009 masterplan to acknowledge the new changes in the area, provide a detailed economic survey of the area and develop a Co-operative Local Investment Plan. 

The Masterplan has focused on four areas between West Norwood and Tulse Hill. These are the Tulse Hill station area, the central retail area, West Norwood Station and the Commercial and Industrial Area. There has been extensive consultation on priorities for the area and detailed engagement with stakeholders, such as the Norwood Forum. The Masterplan is designed to create a dynamic new series of opportunities for the area and is being used to attract new sources of private and public money to help improve the area.

You can see part of the final report here – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/sites/default/files/pl-Public-Consultation-final-boards_0.pdf