SmartWater is a permanent, traceable liquid that can be used to invisibly mark personal property. It is suitable for marking a wide range of items whatever their size, including jewellery, laptops, and vehicles.

SmartWater carries a unique forensic ‘code’ which is registered to an address or location. This makes it possible for the police to identify the owners of property where this would otherwise be impossible.

Thurlow Park has been one of the trial wards. 

If you’d like some more information I please go to –

On Friday 17th June 2016 a Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act warrant was carried out by Thurlow Park SNT and the Local Policing Team in Thurlow Park ward.

Using local intelligence, the warrant was executed swiftly and a large amount of drugs (cannabis) were found along with a Skorpion firearm and ammunition.  A suspect was arrested and charged with four offences.

PC Kate Brian said; ‘This was an excellent find and has made the community safer and possibly even saved lives’. 

Report anti-social behaviour | Lambeth Council

Due to the continued financial situation imposed on Lambeth Council by central government – which have seen a 56% cut in our funding since 2010 – the Council has had to make difficult decisions that are increasingly impacting on our frontline services. 

Recent changes to the Community Safety Service has established a single point of contact for all Council related crime and disorder issues. 

For the service to remain effective the Council has separated Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) / environmental / noise / enforcement teams and they have now been replaced by neighbourhood teams. The restructure of the community safety team does not affect the important work the council does with community groups and the Police to tackle gang violence. 

ASB is an important issue and we will continue to work in partnership with our Safer Neighbourhood Team, our community leaders, and various residents groups. 

Please make a note of the team’s contact details:  

Community Safeguarding: 020 7926 5000

Police non-emergency number: 101

Please note, the Council will no longer provide an out of hours noise hotline. The new service will now assess every complaint and only respond if a complaint is judged to be having a serious community impact. Residents who are experiencing repeated noise issues will be contacted during office hours by the service and supported to tackle the problem (including out of hours visits if necessary).

Report anti-social behaviour | Lambeth Council

Contacting the police

There was some discussion at the recent panel meeting about ways to contact police. The SNT are not a 24/7 team, so if emails are sent or messages left on the answerphone, they may not be picked up for 2 days then sometimes its too late for the issue to be dealt with effectively. Below is a list of the various ways police can be contacted and for which issues.  

101 – call this number for non-emergencies.  You can call 101 to report a crime that has already happened, seek crime prevention advice or make us aware of any policing issues in your local area .

Online reporting – A limited number of crimes can be reported online, these include thefts, damage to property, hate crimes and fraud.  Visit in order to report.

Reporting Crime – This can either be done by calling 101 or reporting online at  (Please note – Messages should not be left on the SNT mobile or sent to the email inbox to report crime.  This is because if we are not on duty, forensic/suspect opportunities may be lost by waiting a couple of days.)

Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour –  There are many types of antic-social behaviour and not all should be reported to the police.  Please follow this link for more information –

Safer Neighbourhood Team by email/phone – The SNT can be contacted for various community issues from neighbour problems to anti social behaviour.  If we can’t help we will try and point you in the right direction.  Please be aware that the SNT are not a 24/7 service and therefore, by leaving a message or sending an email, you may not receive a response for a couple of days.  Please do not use this phone number to report crime, please call 101.

Peabody estate anti-social behaviour update

Below is an update from the local Thurlow Park ward Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) in relation to anti-social behaviour on the Peabody estate and Rosendale Rd. 

The SNT have completed two warrants on the estate after we received information regarding the growing of cannabis. Hopefully, this has disrupted some of the problems in the blocks where youths had been hanging around.  We will continue to act on information where we can which is all treated confidentiality.

There have been two mopeds speeding through the estate and Rosendale Road causing a lot of anti-social behaviour late at night. Both mopeds have now been issued with a Section 59 Police Reform Act 2002 warning which means that if they ride around anti-socially and commit one of the offences under the act, we can seize the moped they are riding.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team have increased our patrols of the estate (including the blocks) and surrounding roads.  We stop and engage with the youths whenever we can. The SNT are working closely with Peabody to find appropriate methods of dealing with the youths hanging around on the estate.  Peabody have arranged for their wardens to patrol the estate which will begin in September 2015.

The Lambeth Council CCTV van has been deployed to Rosendale Road and has captured some useful images at the entrance to the estate.

If you have any information you wish to pass to us, you can contact us.