Tackling crime in the ward

Since 2010 300 police officers have been taken off Lambeth’s streets as a result of huge funding cuts by London’s Tory Mayor. Thurlow Park Tories, despite their tough talk on crime, have stayed silent while their party slashes the number of uniformed officers on the beat in our community.

Thurlow Park labour want to make families feel safe, which is why we have:

1. Backed Lambeth’s ‘Lock It and Stop It’ programme which has resulted in a 38% reduction in burglaries across the borough.

2. Campaigned against cuts to police numbers and police stations closures across Lambeth.

3. Supported a tough licensing policy to crack down on anti-social behaviour caused by alcohol, including in Tulse Hill and on Norwod Road.

4. Worked with police to support their efforts to reduce gang crime by arresting serious offenders and persuading others to leave Lambeth’s gangs.

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