Green light for a bus to Peabody Hill

The location of Peabody Hill can make it difficult for some people with young children, the elderly and those with disabilities to access the local shops, transport connections, places of work and other services. We want to help fix this, and so, have ben campaigning for a new bus route.

Your local Labour councillor, Ann Kingsbury and Labour Action Team see this as a priority for the area and have submitted have spoken with Lambeth Council, Transport for London, Peabody and the London Assembly and have worked with residents ho have organised a petition.

We are delighted that Lambeth Council have given their full support to our request ad have submitted their views on the urgent need for a service during recent TfL consultation. In response to a question from Val Shawcross AM, the Mayor has written saying that TfL understand the need for a service but caution that it will cause changes to traffic management locally.

As a result TfL have acknowledged our views on the ned for the bus service and have agreed to begin discussion with lambeth on how it can be delivered. Your Labour Action Team and Lambeth Council will continue to make the bus service a priority and will campaign to improve access across Thurlow Park ward.

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