Do you want to be a Street Champion?

Does your street suffer from litter, dumped watse or dog fouling? Would you, and your street, be willing to work with the council to be a stop to it?

We know from speaking to residents that living in a clean street encourages a sense of belonging and pride is important to lots of people. We are comitted to maintaining clean streets and we want to work with you to riase the standards and ensure you can be proud of where you live.

By working with your neighbours and the council to find the best solution for your street you can have a direct impact on these issues.

As a Street Champion you will have access to:
1. a number of courses such as Gardening Advice /Engaging with your neighbours and DIY skills
2. Receive publis recognition for your contribution with a meet the Mayor day
3. Become part of our ‘Do the Right Thing’ campaign
4. Receive a free Street Champion pack to identify you as a Stree Champion

Getting involved in your community can bring real benefits, so if you like to know more please contact us or you can email the council on

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