Thurlow Park ward Safer Neighborhood Team in action

We have been informed that the Safer Neighbourhood Team have been busy running Operation Sagnol in Thurlow Park ward this week to combat burglary, motor vehicle crime and drug dealing. The three day Operation resulted in 7 arrests.

One particular incident involved a stop and search of two males who were subsequently arrested for money laundering, handling stolen goods and going equipped to steal. A search of their addresses also revealed a quantity of class A and B drugs. One of the male was a known burglar and is on bail to Woolwich Crown Court for burglary.

It transpired a burglary have been committed that day and was yet to be reported at the point of their arrest. The following day we reviewed the burglaries for the ward and discovered a burglary report listing the items stolen as matching the description of the items found on the suspects. The stolen items have now been restored to its rightful owner.

It’s great know we have such a dedicated and strong community police presence in the ward.

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