#SaveOurStations and Tory police cuts update

Throughout our time as your local councillors, we have been working with our local Safety Neighbourhood Team on various issues across the ward. This has included specific work surrounding ASB on the Peabody estate and on issues relating to more general concerns from residents, from burglaries to speeding, for example.

Community speed watch with the police and residents on Lancaster Avenue

In our time as Thurlow Park’s Labour councillors, we have witnessed Conservative cuts to the Met police budget that have had direct repercussions here in Lambeth. Serious violence has started to rise, police counters have all closed except for a single station in Brixton, neighbourhood policing is under threat.

Lambeth police will likely merge with Southwark police to form one new ‘Borough Command Unit’ with a single Commander, 5 superintendents straddling the two boroughs, and approximately 1400 officers. Many of you have raised this with us, especially your concerns about knife crime and increasing anti-social behaviour.

As a measure to try and help our local police forces the Mayor of London is being forced to increase Lambeth residents’ council tax by £14.20 (band D) to plug a portion of the huge funding gap: https://www.london.gov.uk/press-releases/mayoral/mayor-proposes-27p-per-week-council-tax-increase

Further measures set out by the Mayor of London for the coming financial year include:

  • £20m to pay for long awaited 2% pay rises for hard working police officers who are otherwise struggling to stay living in London as rents and the cost of living rise faster than wages
  • £13.9m to pay for recruitment to maintain staff numbers
  • £15m to tackle knife/youth violence – Cabinet Lead Mohammed Seedat will meet MOPAC to decide how this money is used in Lambeth

As your local cllrs we will continue to work with our Safety Neighbourhood Team to support their efforts in the ward and keep people safe. We supported the Lambeth Labour #SaveOurStations campaign and helped to deliver leaflets in the ward as well as support the online petition.

As a result of our campaign in Lambeth and other campaigns across London, the Mayor of London has promised 2 dedicated neighbourhood police officers per ward, while the Deputy Mayor for policing has acknowledged the importance of neighbourhood policing and as a result new ‘contact sessions’ in every ward means police will be engaging with residents more directly. This is very welcome and we have already seen #cuppawithacopper contact sessions begin. Our team in Thurlow Park advertise their contact sessions here.

As your local councillors, we will continue to attend the Safer Neighbourhood Ward panels as it even more essential to support our local neighbourhood policing teams as they try to mitigate the effects of cuts to their service. We have started monthly ASB and community safety surgeries on the Peabody Estate at 10.30am on the last Monday of the month and work closely with Peabody’s community safety team. We helped to roll out Smart Water to tackle rising burglary rates and support residents to run neighbourhood watches.

We want to reassure residents that despite cuts, we continue to work to ensure all parts of the ward are included in police patrols and we meet with officers to highlight areas of concern or which need greater attention.

Map showing where the Thurlow Park safer neighbourhood team patrolled on 8th February

Knife incident on Rosendale Road yesterday

We are aware that there was a fight on Rosendale Road yesterday involving knives. The incident is being investigated and we are in regular communication with our Safer Neighbourhood Police Officers who will be looking to increase patrols in this area.

If you have any information or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or with our local police using these contact details. If you witness a crime please always call 999.

Come along to tomorrow’s Safer Neighbourhood meeting

The next Thurlow Park Panel Meeting will be held tomorrow, Thursday 2nd February, at 7pm. It will be held at the Chatsworth Baptist Church, Chatsworth Way SE27.

Safe Neighbourhood meetings are an opportunity to hear about the work of the local police, find out details of crimes in the area and to help decide their priorities for the coming quarter.

Tackling burglaries in Thurlow Park

Burglary is a terrible crime that has affected many residents in the ward. We made a manifesto commitment in May 2014 to help residents at risk of burglary with new locks and advice on prevention. As a result of this support, we have seen a 25% reduction in burglary across the borough.

However, we need to continue to reduce burglaries, particularly here where we still have one of the highest burglary rates in Lambeth. Indeed, SE21, SE24 and SE27 have been highlighted as some of the worst affected areas in the country. 

That’s why we’re supporting our local Safer neighbourhoods Team in promoting MetTrace – free, traceable liquid property marketing kits which let residents mark their possessions with a unique invisible forensic code and put a warning sticker in the window to deter burglars. The code can be used by the police to trace any items should they be stolen. 

5500 packs are being made available across Lambeth. Because we’ve itentified burglary as a particular problem in Thurlow Park, 2000 of these packs will be available for residents in our ward. We’d encourage you to use a kit – if you haven’t received one then please get in touch.

Thurlow Park ward Safer Neighborhood Team in action

We have been informed that the Safer Neighbourhood Team have been busy running Operation Sagnol in Thurlow Park ward this week to combat burglary, motor vehicle crime and drug dealing. The three day Operation resulted in 7 arrests.

One particular incident involved a stop and search of two males who were subsequently arrested for money laundering, handling stolen goods and going equipped to steal. A search of their addresses also revealed a quantity of class A and B drugs. One of the male was a known burglar and is on bail to Woolwich Crown Court for burglary.

It transpired a burglary have been committed that day and was yet to be reported at the point of their arrest. The following day we reviewed the burglaries for the ward and discovered a burglary report listing the items stolen as matching the description of the items found on the suspects. The stolen items have now been restored to its rightful owner.

It’s great know we have such a dedicated and strong community police presence in the ward.