Cllr Max Deckers spoke at Council last week in response to Cllr Jackie Medlrum’s update to a question regarding Hearing Suppport Services in Lambeth’s schools.

Firstly, let me assure you that we are committed to having in place a Hearing Support Service (HSS) that meets the needs of the children and young people who need it, has the confidence of parents/carers and young people and reflects the best advice that is available about good practice.

Currently the HSS in Lambeth consists of two elements: an Outreach Service and a primary provision based at Jubilee Primary School, a partner school in the Loughborough Federation of Schools. In addition there is a secondary resource base at Elmgreen School for deaf pupils.

I understand that changes at Jubilee Primary School and the relocation of the Outreach Service to the Kennington Park site, to join the Visual Support Service, have caused some concern and uncertainty.

For background, over recent years the provision at Jubilee has seen some changes both in terms of the numbers of pupils attending and the way the pupils are supported. In 2010/11 there were 19 pupils but in 2014/15 numbers have reduced to 4. Pupils now spend virtually their whole time supported in mainstream classes whereas previously they tended to be educated separately in a special unit.

We are currently considering the future of this service. During the autumn term the Council carried out a consultation with families, schools & others to determine the future provision for deaf children and young people in Lambeth. A report describing the provision and how it will be commissioned will be published early in 2015. The recommendations will take into account the concerns and wishes of the parents, professionals and concerned organisations who contributed to the consultation.

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