FREE Confidence Building workshop

On Monday, 16 February between 3:30 – 6:30pm there is a FREE Confidence Building workshop that you are invited to register for. 

This interactive workshop focuses on anti-bullying, child protection, anger management and peer mentoring and is delivered through a series of role plays, games and movie clips. The aim is to equip you, as a parent or carer, with life skills and provides you with practical ‘step by step’ techniques to reduce bullying or anger to which your child may be exposed, be it in school, via internet or friendship groups. It is designed to help you understand how you, as a parent or carer, can help your child confront and overcome this type of behaviour.

If you are interested in taking part, please register by contact the telephone numbers below by Monday 9 February. The venue is High Tress CDT, 220 Upper Tulse Hill, SW2 2NS

Eva Christmas, Roupell Park       07983 584 767              

Aileen Garden, Tulse Hill Forum   07886 562 686

Sarah Coyte, Lambeth Council     07852 916 199

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