Environment Enforcement team update

The Council’s temporary Environmental Enforcement (Behaviour Change) team have been active in Thurlow Park ward recently, investigating and labelling dumped residential waste and domestic fly tipping and taking action including issuing fixed penalty notices (FPN’s). The team covered the following locations:

·         Thurlow Hill
·         Norwood Road
·         Rosendale Road
·         Turney Road
·         Deronda Road
·         Romola Road
·         Deerbrook Road
·         Berwyn Road
·         Birkbeck Place
·         Dalkeith Road
·         Birkbeck Hill
·         Bello Close

1 fixed penalty notice was issued in respect of residential waste, and the running total of FPNs issued in Thurlow Park ward since the beginning of September is 9.

Should you have any suggestions for further problematic locations for dumped waste or fly tipping please report these via the council’s website at:


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