Lock it and Stop it is one of our manifesto commitments and the project has been recommissioned to Age UK until March 2017. It provides free locks and a range of burglary prevention measures for victims of burglary. The vision for 2016-2017 is to work more collaboratively with partners, to promote the scheme to vulnerable residents and to conduct evidence-led, joint operations with police in areas where burglary is prevalent. The scheme also aims to increase Neighbourhood Watch take up.

As at December 2015, residential burglary in Lambeth reduced by 20% or 552 less reports/victims compared to the same time last year. Lambeth have doubled the number of referrals that have been received compared to same time last year, and this is down to improved partnership working with our police and the operations we have conducted in hotspot areas.

Met Trace is also being implemented across London to sustain burglary reduction. This project provides free Smartwater to properties in burglary hotspots and went live in Lambeth in September with 1 sergeant and 4 PCSOs assigned to deliver this project, and 5469 properties will be visited in first year.

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