Tackling burglaries in Thurlow Park

Burglary is a terrible crime that has affected many residents in the ward. We made a manifesto commitment in May 2014 to help residents at risk of burglary with new locks and advice on prevention. As a result of this support, we have seen a 25% reduction in burglary across the borough.

However, we need to continue to reduce burglaries, particularly here where we still have one of the highest burglary rates in Lambeth. Indeed, SE21, SE24 and SE27 have been highlighted as some of the worst affected areas in the country. 

That’s why we’re supporting our local Safer neighbourhoods Team in promoting MetTrace – free, traceable liquid property marketing kits which let residents mark their possessions with a unique invisible forensic code and put a warning sticker in the window to deter burglars. The code can be used by the police to trace any items should they be stolen. 

5500 packs are being made available across Lambeth. Because we’ve itentified burglary as a particular problem in Thurlow Park, 2000 of these packs will be available for residents in our ward. We’d encourage you to use a kit – if you haven’t received one then please get in touch.

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