Knife Crime in the Community

In the last couple of months there have been a number of incidents of stabbing and knife crime across the borough. Thankfully, none of these have resulted in a fatality.

While the number of knife crime incidents in Lambeth has actually fallen over the last twelve months, this is a problem that still blights too many of our communities and we wanted to reassure residents that our Cabinet lead Cllr M. Seedat and officers have been working closely with the police and a number of measures have been taken. These include;

Extra officers at schools
Extra patrolling officers in hot spot areas
Meetings with head teachers, facilitated by Lambeth Council
Dispersal zones implemented at key schools
Working with key community contacts to try to dissuade young people from participating in further altercations
Intelligence-led use of stop and search to recover knives and other weapons
Requested additional police resources to provide a deterrent and reassurance

With regards to the schools in the Norwood area, Lambeth has been working with the schools affected and there has already been meetings between the heads, council and police which has led to the simmering down of tensions. These initial meetings, plus several others between council officers, police, and councillors will aim to set out some longer term partnership work with the GLA, the Young Lambeth Coop, grassroots organisations and the police.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.

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