Resurfacing Maintenance Programme 2016/2017

In our last blog piece in April 2016 we talked about the resurfacing works on Arduli, Guernsey, Trinity Rise, Deronda, Chatsworth and Idminston. 

As an update we wanted to inform residents that we have continued to campaign for further resurfacing works to be conducted on roads /pavements such as Eastmearn, Tulsemere and Chancllor as it’s a key issue for residents in our ward.

Working with the Cabinet lead, Cllr Braithwaite, we can now share an overview of the criteria involved in Lambeth’s decision making about which roads /pavements require resurfacing. 

The roads and pavements selected for an upgrade are dependant on the scores given following an assessment of every road and pavement in the borough.  The scores (out of 10) is based on a number of factors; 

In terms of roads, they are measured against a set of criteria, taking into consideration, the level of usage of the road, whether it’s considered to be a key network link, if its condition poses a health and safety risk, and a host of other aspects in order to work out the priority level such as; the road traffic sensitivity, planned engineering works and the local profile (i.e., near a school, church, leisure centre, hospital, park, museum and /or library). 

In terms of pavements, it is much the same for roads though they will also take into account the deprivation of the local area, its usage, the local profile, planned works and its linkages to other main pedestrian networks. 

As far as we are aware the next round of roads /pavements to be upgraded in second half of 2016/17 have not yet been compiled, so we will continue to campaign for those roads /pavements in our ward that we believe need to be revisited by officers and reassessed. 

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