The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) came into force in April 2010 and allows local authorities in England and Wales to raise funds from developers undertaking new building projects in their area. A portion of this levy can be used to support a Co-operative Local Investment Plan (CLIP) where the community can help to decide the projects and priorities.

Norwood is one of seven CLIP areas in Lambeth and 25% of our CIL will be used on neighbourhood projects to be determined by Norwood residents. In November Lambeth sent out postcards, completed street stalls and launching on-line surveys to better understand what your priorities are for Norwood.

Once established a CLIP can also help the local community leverage other streams of funding to help develop the area. This can include things as diverse as a public piece of artwork or a training programme to help young people. The most important thing about a CLIP is that it is up to the community to direct where these resources are targeted. It also focuses resources outside the town centre brining development to new areas. As local cllrs we are working closely with the Norwood Planning Assembly and other community groups to develop the Norwood area CLIP. 


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