Rosendale Playing Fileds – letter to local residents

Please find below a copy of a letter that was sent to local residents that live alongside the Rosendale Playing Fields from Lambeth Council. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Dear Resident,

We’re writing to you to let you know about some changes we’re making at Rosendale Playing Fields that we thought you might be interested in as you live in close proximity to the fields. 

Following a review of the condition of the fencing around the perimeter of the fields we feel it’s necessary to upgrade the existing fencing with new, robust materials. 

Three local schools make use of the facilities at Rosendale Playing Fields for physical education activities and outdoor learning. It is also home to the Lambeth & Southwark Primary Schools Football League and its 35 schools that play competitive football every Saturday morning of term time and occasional spring afternoons. Safeguarding these children while they’re making use of the facilities is a priority, as well as making sure that the area remains free from damage that might be caused through anti-social behaviour by people accessing the fields and vandalising the area. 

The fence that is currently in place is wooden picket style fencing and we feel that at present, it doesn’t meet our standards and requirements for keeping the area secure, and as part of the Lambeth Parks Capital Investment Plan, we’ve made funds available to install a new perimeter fence around the full boundary of the facility. 

This will certainly ensure that all children are safeguarded more effectively, and will also mean that more sport and outdoor learning resources such as new football goals and cricket nets can be installed, free in the knowledge that they won’t be affected by vandalism. 

The type of fencing that has been proposed is Protek 2000, which is welded mesh panels, with horizontal triangular folds as shown in the picture. These folds help to form a strong, rigid fence line and for this reason, this type of fencing is often used around schools and public buildings. 

The Protek 2000 mesh fence provides a ‘medium level’ of security fencing that is easy on the eye and has a high through visibility which means that it blends in easily with the surroundings. 

The new fence will also improve the appearance of the current boundaries of the fields, and will prevent episodes of vandalism and disturbance for local residents living on Rosendale Road and Whytefield Estate. The proposal for the new fencing has been submitted to Lambeth’s Planning service and we hope to start with installing the fencing early in the New Year.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please visit our webpage to find out more or leave a comment for us at:

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