Road sweeping and leaf clearance in Thurlow Park

Each road in the borough receives a manual sweep (clearing detritus, channels, pavement and backlines with all litter) every 8 weeks. Where possible some roads will also receive a mechanical sweep in-between the 8 week manual sweep so every four weeks most roads would have received a mechanical or manual sweep.

In addition, Arduli, Brockwell Park Gardens, Carson, Croxted, Lancaster and Rosendale roads have all been identified as requiring additional resources and so are swept for leaves at least once per week. The additional resources brought in during leafing include manual sweeping, two leafing vehicles and a large mechanical broom. 

The above roads listed form part of an area based map with each road assigned a particular day. The area manager will instruct the sweeper to start with the roads with the heaviest leaf fall. However as the weather is a major contributing factor to the volume of fallen leaves, it’s likely that during some weeks following strong winds some roads may not be completed, in which case they will be picked up later in the week.

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