As part of development plans for the future of West Norwood construction work on Norwood Road began on the 09th January 2017.  The first phase of work will be an upgrade to the footway paving on the west side of Norwood Road only from York Hill to Waylett Place and this is expected to take a month.

While the work is carried out part of the footway will be open for pedestrians at all times and traffic management will be in place to provide safe movement for all types of vehicles.

This work will mean that one northbound lane on the approach to the York Hill/Lancaster Avenue junction will have to be restricted and the parking bays on the eastern side of Norwood Road between 467-475 will be suspended. Businesses in this area will be notified of the suspension of parking bays.

In addition, in order to reduce the impact on businesses, some of the footway upgrade work will be undertaken outside of normal hours (up to 11pm). Outside Homecare we expect this would be for a maximum of two weeks. For the access road to B&Q work will be undertaken on two Sundays late Jan/early Feb between 4pm and 11pm. We will be notifying residents of the late working and will endeavour to reduce any disturbance to them as much as possible.

Otherwise, the next phase of work will start on the 6th February 2017 from Waylett Place North to Landsowne Hill. This will also be a footway paving upgrade, and be expected to take up to six weeks.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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