Green wheelie bins being delivered next week in Thurlow Park

As highlighted in one of our December blogs from Monday 16 January 2017 green wheelie bins for recycling will start to be delivered to residents in Thurlow Park, replacing the current clear recycling sack service.

The new bins will:
• Encourage recycling as the new bins will hold five times more waste than a clear recycling sack
• Save money as over 10 million recycling sacks are issued every year – at huge cost to the Council. The new bins will save £450,000 per year.
• Make streets cleaner and tidier as for the first time waste collection, bulky collections and street cleansing will all take place on the same day. The mess created by foxes and other pests tearing open sacks will be significantly reduced, making streets look cleaner and tidier.

The new bins aren’t for food or garden waste. Food waste bins can be ordered by calling 020 7929 9000 and you can subscribe to the garden waste collection service online –

If you have any questions regarding the new bins please visit –

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